Stephen Gill About India and Pakistan





*Blasphemy laws of Pakistan

To expect Jews, Parsis, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians to accept Mohammed as prophet even if they have never heard anything about him is unfair. It is like punishing a blind man because he does not know what colour is the moon or a deaf because he cannot hear the voice of his accuser. These blasphemy laws have strengthened the dragons of intolerance in Pakistan. These blasphemy laws have led to several bizarre behaviours which are difficult to understand by the citizens of Western democracies.


*Pakistan laws and the women of minorities

The law about witness violates all the norms of human rights. The laws relating to marriage is very discriminatory. Another frightening law is about adultery. These laws hurt the minorities more than they hurt others. The legal machiney works for the imposition of the Koranic laws that goes against the beliefs of non-Muslims. This has created an atmosphere that is more prejudicial towards women, particularly non-Muslims because they are weaker from every aspect.




Was there democracy before this emergency? Fanaticism is giving birth to terrorism. The blasphemy laws and other discriminatory laws are responsible for spreading the poison of hatred that are responsible for terrorism.  As long as the  divisive laws are there in the books of Pakistan,  there will always be insecurity, dangers and other impediments to  the prosperity in the land that is blessed with nearly every type of wealth.



*Nazis of India

The Hindu nationalists, particularly the members of their ideological parent, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are the Nazis of India. This label has been given to them by the minorities as well as by several political parties, including the communist party of  India. It is in the interest of peace and progress as well as in the interest of the Hindu nationalists to stop looking to totalitarian regimes for their model, because India has its own way of living, its own culture, its own thinking that  have been matured over the centuries. India has developed its own civilization based on tolerance. India is a United Nations. That should be the fountain of their inspiration, not communist China and Nazi Germany.



*Indian Women in Digital Era

The easy availability of information technology even in remote areas is going to open a new chapter for women in India.   The emerging digital era will give them a wide range of options and a power to be more self-aware, more enlightened and economically independent.  Women will be more decisive as mothers,   wives,    taxpayers and as humans. As mothers, they will develop   courage to say if    their sons should go to wars to kill the sons of others.  As taxpayers, their views will be honored in political circles. They will have the means to give better education to their children and also for themselves even without stepping out of their homes. Digital technology will provide them with opportunities to continue education within their homes even after their marriage.