A Selection


*A Mythical Interpretation of Indo/Canadian Diaspora


*Canadian Blueprint for Peace  

Canada becomes the choicest place largely because of her recognition of  peaceful  co-existence  and  human  rights.   The  hands  of such recognitions continuously look after the Canadian garden to grow the fruits of the best living conditions. This reduces                                                                                           the wasteland of the unnecessary tension between and among religious and ethnic groups.


Not all my compositions fit easily into the tight pigeonholes of the haiku as conceived by pundits in North America, particularly  in Canada. Therefore I  call them trilliums. Three main elements unite them. One is that each trillium contains three lines.  Another element is that each trillium refers to nature, time or a season. The third common element is the absence of punctuation, except for the period.


*The year to break silence: autobiographical

Normally, I forget numbers, especially years and dates. In spite of this weakness and a lapse of substantial time, the year 1999 is secure in

the locker of my memory. The year 1999 is unforgettable also because of my visit to India after a long absence, and my return to Canada with weird experiences. For nine years I carried these experiences in the womb of my soul, debating whether to share or not to share, and when and how to share.