Poet Laureate of Ansted University and an Adjunct Professor of EAU, Stephen Gill is an  expressive voice of Canada, India and Pakistan.  He believes strongly in a democratically elected world government and peace through peaceful means. Global peace and social concerns are the main areas of his interest.                                                                


Stephen Gill has authored more than twenty books, including novels, literary criticism, and collections of poems. His poetry and prose have appeared in more than five   hundred publications, mostly  in Canada, the United States of America and India.  He writes usually  in English. Once in a while, he writes poetry in Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi languages.  He has also written and published book reviews, research papers on writers and on world peace. Some of his Urdu/Hindi poems have been sung with music by prominent singers of Pakistan and India.


Stephen Gill has received awards and recognitions,  including  four honorary doctorates; and Laureate Man of Letters  from  United  Poets Laureate International; Sahir Award of Honor  from Sahir Cultural Society,  Panjab, India; Plaque from the World Council of Asian Churches (Canada); Pegasus   International Poetry for Peace Award (Poetry in the Arts, Inc., Texas,); The Best Poet of Peace Award  for the year 1993 from Roger Cable 11 (Canada);  Lifetime Achievement Award from South Asian Bible Church (Canada);  The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal; Empowered Peace Poet Award from World Poetry Canada; and several more…


He has been asked several times by several organizations to judge their poetry competitions, and  he often evaluates dissertations of English Literature for doctoral students of universities in India. He has been the subject of numerous literary essays, books and doctoral studies.   He is also honorary editor/ advisor to several publications, and has edited publications, including the Canadian section of the World Federalist  newspaper, Writer’s Lifeline, and South Asian Christian Diary.


He is former    president of Vesta Publications Ltd.; the Canadian Authors Association (the Cornwall, Ont.  Branch); a national vice president of the World Federalists of Canada; the Multicultural Council of Stormont and Dundas;  the Christian Cultural Association of South Asians,  Dean of Peace Studies at St. Simon’s  College,  London, England; and Co-chair  of Downtown Improvement Business Area (DBIA) of Cornwall, Ont. Canada; and a director of the Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (Canada).  


At present, he is an honorary member of the Ansted University Board of Advisory Council, and He has appeared in several prestigious national and international reference books, including  Immigrants We Read About by George Bonavia, International Production, Ottawa; Who's Who In Canadian Literature, Reference Press, Toronto, Canada; Vesta's Who's Who of North American Poets, Vesta, Canada; Ethnic & Native Canadian Literature: A Bibliography by John Miska, University of Toronto Press; Something About The Author, vol. 63, Gale Research, USA;  Who's Who In Canada, Toronto University Press; and Who's Who in Ontario, Heritage Press, B.C., Canada.                             


Stephen Gill was born in Sialkot, Pakistan,  where he passed his early childhood and grew in India. After teaching in Ethiopia for three years, he migrated to England before settling in Canada.







---. Shrine, Rev. Ed.  Cyberwit Press


---. Songs Before Shrine: A  collection of the following four collections of poems:

      1. Reflections & Wounds (poems) Hc. Vesta, 1978            

     2. The Dove of Peace (poems) Pb., MAF Press, NY 1989, 1993   

     3 Songs for Harmony (poems) Pb., Rose Shell Press, NJ, 1993

     4.Divergent Shades (poems) Xavier's College, India 1995


---. Flashes (trilliums in haiku spirit)


--- The Flame.  This is the longest poem ever written in English on modern terrorism. Two books of evaluation  have been published.


--Amputee (Epical poem about abused children).  Still working on it.



* Life’s Vagaries (short stories)  

*The Loyalist City (a novel)              

*Why (a novel

*Immigrant (a novel)

*The Coexistence (a novel partly set in Canada and partly in India to draw a blueprint to live and let live.)

*Simon & the Snow King (children story, Illust.)

*The Blessings of a Bird (children story, illust)



* Scientific Romances of H.G. Wells

* Six Symbolist Plays of Yeats  

*Political Convictions of G.B. Shaw



*The Discovery of Bangladesh (history)

*Sketches of India (illust. Essays about India)

*English Grammar for Beginners  

* My Interviews & Prefaces



* Aman Di Ghuggi (Poems in Panjabi language)

* Jazeera (poems in Urdu)

*Jazeera (poems in Hindi)



* Poets of the Capital (Ottawa poets)

* Seaway Valley Poets 

* Tales from Canada for Children Everywhere

* Green Snow: Anthology of Canadian Poets of Asian Origin

* Anti-War Poems: Vol. 1

* Anti-War Poems: Vol. 2nd

* Vesta’s Who’s Who of North American Poets (Vesta 1990)



-Zakhmi Perchawen (poems in Panjabi). Translator: Dr. Mohinder Kaur Gill. Hc., Suchinton Prakashan, New Delhi, India, 1980

-Awasi (Panjabi translation of his novel Immigrant). Translator: Balbir Momi. Pb., Pal Pocket Books, Amritsar, India, 1986.

-Parwasi (translation of IMMIGRANT in Panjabi) Translators: Dr. N. Singh and S. Sarna. Pb., 1989. Vikendrit Group of Publications, Delhi, India.

-Reflexions Et Blessures (poems in French). Translator:   Fr. Roland Hamel, Vesta, 1979.



Stephen Gill’s poetry and prose have appeared in more than five hundred publications, mostly in Canada, the United States and India. He has    written and published book reviews, research papers on writers from the East and the West, and articles on world peace. He has  also written poetry in Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi. Some of his Urdu/Hindi poems have been put to music and performed by prominent singers. Those songs have been released in two CD’s, titled AMAN (peace), and another CD is titled AMAN KI RAH (road to peace). The books of Dr. Stephen Gill are the subject of research by scholars of several universities for  doctoral dissertations.



1. Glimpses. (a collection of articles published in the print media). Ed. Hamadan Darwesh. Publisher: Vesta, Canada


2. Stephen Gill & His Works  (evaluation) by Dr. George Hines. Vesta (Canada);  authorspress (India)


3. Discovering Stephen Gill (anthology of research papers from various scholars and writers). Editor: Dr. N. Agrawal. A lecturer in English, prominent writer and literary critic of India. Publisher : authorspress, India.


4. The Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gill: An Assessment  by Dr. Sudhir Arora. Dr. Sudhir Arora, a lecturer of English Literature in India, is focusing only on The Flame, the longest poem in English on modern terrorism.  Dr. Sudhir Arora is a prominent name as a writer and literary critic. Sarup & Sons, India.


5. The Flame Unmasked. Several prominent university teachers of English have contributed scholarly papers to this book edited by another prominent scholar and a lecturer in English Dr. Sudhir Arora. MUST TO READ by scholars.  Prakash Book Dept., India.


(6). Stephen Gill’s Poetry: A Panorama of World Peace.

Chief Editor: Prof. K.V. Dominic, Editor of  Indian Journal of Postcolonial Literatures. Prof. K.V. Dominic is a prominent poet and literary critic. He teaches English literature at Newman College in Kerala, India.


(7). Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Gill. Chief Editor:  Dr. Shaleen Singh, a poet, editor and literary critic. Summer 2010. Dr. Shaleen Singh edits Creative Saplings (

To read some chapters, please click on contents


(8).  An Interpretation of  Mind and Art of Stephen Gill.  Chief Editor: Dr.  Anuradha Sharma.

Sanbun Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2011. ISBN: 978-93-80213-50-7; Rs. 200.00, pb.


(9.) A Selection of Stephen Gill's Interviews. Ed. Dr. Anuradha Sharma. Orientalia, A-4, B-49 Joshi Colony, Patparganj- delhi- 110092;; ISBN; 978-81-908864-8-2,  




(1). War and Peace in the Works of Stephen Gill. Eds. Professor Dr. NDR Chandra and Dr. A.K. Choudhary

(2). Indian Responses to the Coexistence. The Coexistence is a serious novel by Stephen Gill. It is set partly in Canada and partly in India. Scholars from India have contributed to this anthology.  Ed. Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar

(3) A Mythological Probe into the Works of Stephen Gill by Dr. Anuradha Sharma




--There is also a DVD of Stephen Gill’s interviews on television, titled INTERVIEWS

WITH DR. STEPHEN GILL.  He has discussed his books, art of writing and  message about peace in these interviews.                                                                                       

--Several singers and musicians have performed his poems in Urdu and Hindi. Some of those songs appear in three full albums of Stephen Gill’s poems sung by these singers. The titles of these albums:


1.. Aman (peace) by Khalid Saleem (A Canadian of Pakistani origin)


2. Aman Ki Rah (Way to Peace)

by Shad ( from Pakistan)


3. Kholo Kholo ( open)

James Masih (from India)



--Aman ka jazeera aur Stephen Gill (Island of peace and Stephen Gill) by Veshali Chandra, Jazeera,

2007, Vesta (Canada).


--Khwaesh ek kalm ki: Aman aur chen (The desire of a pen: Peace and prosperity) by Shikha. Jazeera,

2007, Vesta (Canada).


--Jazeera nezmon pr ek drishti ( a survey of Jazeera) by Devyani Gupta.

2007, Vesta (Canada).




Stephen Gill

 Box 32, Cornwall, Ont. K6H 5R9 Canada