---”Stephen Gill writes concisely, gracefully of commonplace things and contemporary concerns, suggesting thoughts and feelings of depth without forcing them on the reader”.

(The Ottawa Citizen)                                                                                  


---“What is apparent in all of Stephen Gill' work is his generous use of imagery, the substance of all poetry to allow to comprehend the shadow, form and content inseparable as always but in a contemporary, un abstruse and most relevant fashion that remain timeless and universal…”

      (The Pilot, USA)


--- “Stephen Gill expresses his thoughts and hopes for a peaceful and beautiful world”…



---“Gill builds bridges with his books”,

   (The Daily Expositor, Canada)


---“His magic pen creates a unique metaphor raising his poetry above the common crowd”

   (Maryanne Raphael in Bridge-in-Making, India)


---“Stephen Gill’s poetry is like tasting a strange dish, not quite sure whether one like it but certainly one must taste again to make sure. I tasted several times and found the dish very much to my liking”.

    ( Bluebell S. Phillips in The Canadian India Times)


---“Gill’s gift of language, the immediacy of his wit and word-play combined with a command of imagery which not only capture his readers in a freeze-frame, but hustles them through time and space to another dimension, places him in the forefront of contemporary Indian poets writing in English,”

     (Patricia Prime in Canopy, India, and Mawaheb International, Canada)


---“Poets such as Stephen Gill are certainly doing their utmost to promote world unity...”

   ( Daily Sarnia Observer,  Canada)


---“A reputable poet, sensitive to the anguish of the oppressed and suffering human beings...”

   (Senator Paul Yuzyk, Ph.D., introducing The Discovery of Bangladesh)


---“a poet with a mission..”

   (Christian Monitor, India)


---“...depth in knowledge of humanity and understanding of the human condition in its everyday ritual of survival on a planet whose beauties are marred by soul suffering, soul seeking, meaning longing men..”

   (Dr. Richard N. Pollard, former head & prof. Eng. Lit. University of Ottawa)


--“highly individual and pleasing style is at once admirably simple and deeply penetrating...”

   (The Link, Canada)


---“Global peace and social concerns are the primary themes of Gill’s work. That is why his poetry has traversed global literary circles and continues to gain appreciative audiences..”

   (Virginia Love Song in Poetcrit, India)


---“There is in Tennyson's poems and Mr. Gill's volumes a hierarchy of values. The first and most important is, as John Henry Newman insisted, growth from within. This growth requires spiritual priority. This principal leads man to personal, national and international harmony through an understanding that comes from love...”

    (Dr. Frank Tierney, Professor, English Literature, University of Ottawa, in The Canadian India Times)


---“Stephen Gill is a poet of values---universal peace and love, oneness and wholeness of human race, respect for human right, and a social structure designed to produce and promote justice. The poet, who considers his poems part of his spiritual self, urges abolition of racial, religious, political and economic prejudices and seeks equal opportunities and  privileges  for men and women, adoption of a world code of human rights and responsibilities, and creation of a world federal government to heal the dissensions that divide people. He knows religious fanaticism and hatred are a world-devouring fire whose violence none can quench. God alone can deliver humanity from this desolating affliction...”.

  (Dr. R.K. Singh, Prof. and Head; and Dr. Mitali De Sarkar in The Mawaheb International, Canada)


-- “For Stephen Gill, poetry is the language of peace...” 

  (Laurel McCosham, staff writer,  in daily Standard-Freeholder, Canada)


--“An indefatigable crusader for peace and champion of literary causes”

    (Poetry in the Arts, USA)


--“Gill’s poems are capsuled feelings and meanings, gross stripped experience speaking for itself in an era     of similar experiences, but unique in the personality and expression of their author.”

  (Dr. Richard N. Pollard, Prof. of English & Chairman, the Ph.D. Committee of the University of Ottawa, in        preface to Reflections.)


--“The message in the poetry of Stephen Gill  is harmony.  This  is the message  in the mythologies of the Ojibway people. This  is  also the message of   the  Government of Canada that promotes multiculturalism actively. In other words, the official policy of the Government of Canada  is to create harmony through multiculturalism. Harmony leads to  live and let live.


“The adorable simplicity  of  Stephen Gill’s poetry is  in the currents  of calm beauty  in  the streams that meander through the meadows of  meaningful  images. Due to his  graceful individual  expression and  his  vastness of  thoughts  that abound   in the land of Gotama and Gandhi, he is distinctively recognizable in the gallery  of  Canadian and Indian poetry.  He weaves those thoughts artistically  with  the fabrics of Canada for  a crop of richness that is needed urgently to nourish the citizens of the global village.”

(Lino Leitao in Seva Bharati Journal of English Studies) 


And more….