*.Aman (peace). Urdu/Hindi poems of Stephen Gill from Jazeera.
Language : Urdu/Hindi

Khalid sings some of the Urdu/Hindi poems of Stephen Gill in this album called Aman that means peace. These songs condemn war and bloodshed. In one section of this album, Stephen Gill experiments with the Japanese form of poetry, called haiku. He has created this section on the rhythm of Panjabi folk songs called maya or tappey. Gill’s haiku-like presentation is on a serious subject, such as peace. Every line is an integral part of the whole. Moreover, these presentations are in Urdu/Hindi. The result is a meaningful soul-touching creation that is deeply soothing.

*.Aman Ki Rah (Road to peace). Urdu/Hindi poems of Stephen Gill from Jazeera.

Nazir Shad, a prominent singer from Pakistan composes and sings seven poem in Aman Ki Rah. The albums was released by Dr. Kuldip Singh Kular, a member of the parliament of Ontario, on November 21, 2005 for Canada International Panjabi Sahit Academy (CIPSA). The theme of these poems is also peace.

The first song can be translated as “if we were free”. When Dr. Stephen Gill was on a literary tour to India in 1999, he appeared on the Jalandur (Panjab) radio station for an interview. He was not allowed to present this poem in its Panjabi version. In 2005, when it was ready to be shipped, postal authorities of Pakistan refused to let this CD album out of the country, not even to the author of these poems.


–Poet : Stephen Gill
–Language: Urdu/Hindi
–Singer and composer: Nazir Shad
–Release Date in Canada: November 2005
–Released by God Love Ministry Intl, Model Town B,
Christian Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Vesta Publications Ltd., PO Box 1641, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 5R9 Canada.

copyright©) by Stephen Gill. It is illegal to copy the song through any means without
permission in writing from the author.


before release in Canada:

Bharat Times, Montreal, Canada. August 2005;
also online Pakistan Christian Post

Peace Album of Dr. Stephen Gill Cannot Go
Out of Pakistan

Mr Nazir Shad is the singer and composer of the second album of lyrics by Dr. Stephen Gill, released by God Love Ministry International from Pakistan. The CD album is called Aman Ki Rah that means the way to peace in English.

The post office of Pakistan has refused to accept one hundred complimentary copies of this album to send to the author of its lyrics. The album contains songs about peace. The author of these lyrics cannot receive even a master copy. Post office argues that it is against the law of Pakistan to send them out of the country.

In addition to English, Stephen Gill writes poems in Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi. A prominent Pakistani singer sang the poems of Dr. Stephen Gill in the first album titled Aman that means peace in English. It was released from Canada. The second album Aman Ki Rah is a selection of eight poems from Jazeera, a collection of Urdu/Hindi poems by Stephen Gill.

Stephen Gill is a recipient of several awards and has been honored also with doctorates by universities. He has authored around twenty books, including fiction, collections of poems, literary criticism and books of political nature. His poetry and prose have appeared in more than five hundred publications. Peace, social concerns and human rights are the areas of his main interest. He adds that he has been writing for years. He never encountered such restrictions on the items of educational value and peace.

He did not have any problem in sending copies of his first album Aman to his friends in Pakistan. They received that album safely. But he cannot receive even a single copy of the song album of his own poems from Pakistan. He is confused and shocked. He says the poems of Aman Ki Rah are his children and his children are not allowed to see their own father.


*appeared in The Weekly Voice, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
December 2, 2005.


Dr. Kuldip Singh Kular, a member of the parliament of Ontario, released two CD albums of Stephen Gill at his riding office in Brampton, Ontario, on November 21 for Canada International Panjabi Sahit Academy (CIPSA). One album, titled A Selection of Interviews of Dr. Stephen Gill, contains TV interviews in English that took place on different channels in different cities, including Ottawa, Montreal, Austin, Texas, during the past fifteen years or so. Transferred from video copies, these interviews represent the views of Stephen Gill on world peace, the art of writing and his life in general. Largely educational, this DVD was initially edited for scholars and researchers who are working on doctoral theses on Stephen Gill.

Second album, Aman Ki Rah ( way to peace), is a collection of songs. Nazir Shad, a prominent performer of Pakistan, has composed and sung some Urdu/Hindi poems of Dr. Stephen Gill in this album. The theme of these songs is world peace. The first song of this album can be translated in English as “if we were free from chains.”

When Stephen Gill was in India on a literary tour in 1999, he appeared on the Jalandar (Panjab) radio station for an interview with Joseph Freddy, chief editor of fortnightly Masihi Sansar. He was not allowed to present this poem on the station. That was the time when Khalistan movement for separation was at its height and India was being ruled by the Bhartiya Janata Party (the BJP), nationalists. Now in 2005, postal authorities of Pakistan refuse to let this CD Aman Ki Rah out of the country. The released album and its copies have been made from a smuggled copy.

Among the attendees were prominent writers and intellectuals of Panjabi language, including Gurdial Kenwal, president of CIPSA. He has authored several collections of poems, and appears in the Guinness World Records. Among other attendees include, Major Nagra, chief editor of Watan and president of a radio station, Balbir Singh Momi, editor of Nagara, Urdu/Panjabi poet Dr. Solomon Naz, and Mr. Sulkhan Singh Hundal, who was representing Conservative Party of Canada for Federal Elections.

Thanking Dr. Kular, Stephen Gill said he was aware that the medical profession is highly demanding. He is also aware that the life of a parliamentarian is highly demanding. Under these circumstances a medical practitioner with only an adorable cause would dare to enter a parliament. He added that during the days of Aristotle and Plato physicians used to be philosophers and creative artists also. He admired Dr. Kular for his support to creative artists, including poets and writers.

Dr. Kular acknowledged the contributions of Stephen Gill as a writer in the field of peace. On behalf of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario he presented Dr. Stephen Gill with a certificate concluding, “your heartfelt dedication to various social issues serves as an example to us all. Shrine and Aman Ki Rah are truly inspiring bodies of work and showcase your undeniable talents.”

*To listen to the first song “jo zanjeeron se azad hote” (if we were free from chains) from the CD album Aman Ki Rah, click here

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*Some other singers have also performed Stephen Gill’s poems, including Jan Diwana, a prominent musician from Norway. He includes “Milap” and “Aman”, two poems from Jazeera in his prominent CD album Peace.

*SELECTED INTERVIEWS OF DR. STEPHEN GILL ( DVD album of about two hours)
Language : English

This DVD album includes selected interviews of Stephen Gill on different TV stations in Canada and the United States in the past several years. He discusses the art of writing, his books and mainly the world peace. This album was also released by Dr. Kuldip Singh Kular, a member of the parliament of Ontario, on November 21, 2005, for Canada International Panjabi Sahit Academy (CIPSA).

Kholo Kholo (open, open).

Singer & musician: James Masih from Jalandhar, Panjab, India

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