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Dr. Shaleen Singh, a poet, editor and literary critic, is editing a book on Stephen Gill, a renowned award-winning poet.  The book is tentatively titled Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Gill.


Contributions (only unpublished material) for this book are invited on any aspect of his poetry before the end of September 2008, preferably by email in MS Word.  Research papers should conform to the latest MLA Style Sheet. Each contributor will receive a complimentary copy of Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Gill that is planned to be off the press before the end of 2008.


Stephen Gill is an established name of Global Poetry because of his passion to build bridges of beauty and peace with his poetry.  His latest book The Flame 152 pages, is the longest poem in English on modern terrorism. The poem is divided into sixty-two cantos.


Please send your submissions to


For detailed information about Stephen Gill, please visit his web site For information on the editor, please visit










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