Stephen Gill as Interpreter/translator   







Dr. Stephen Gill, a Canadian citizen,  is a government certified  interpreter for Urdu and English languages. He is an established writer and poet of English, Urdu and Panjabi languages. He has university degrees in both English and Urdu languages and has passed tests and  courses to qualify  for the work.


He has translated poems from Urdu/Hindi into English.


At present, he is with Language Link Ontario, Kingston, Ontario.  He has  passed:


*A test  for  Panjabi  interpretation  for courts  in Eastern Ontario;


*The CILISAT language test for community  Urdu interpreters;


*All the components of the interpreter core competency training program approved by the Ministry of Citizenship of the Government of Ontario.


Stephen Gill is a writer of  English, Urdu and Panjabi. Therefore, he can say he is  fluent in  these  languages. He  can communicate with confidence also in Hindi. 


He has soft wares for both English and Urdu languages to produce texts professionally on his  computer.


Stephen Gill does this work to help people and also to help himself to feed his passion for writing.


Scanned copies of  the certificate are available on request.



For serious inquiries:




TELEPHONE: 613-932-7735