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August 30, 2012

* The Coexistence (novel) by Stephen Gill is a wake-up call, says Prof. Dr. Daniel Bratton in his research paper. In these dark times of state-sponsored terrorism and global conflict—with the republic of reptiles waiting to be born—Stephen Gill’s work demands our utmost attention and asks us to cultivate a greater mindfulness of the world around us…Details HERE



August 18, 2012

*Canadian Government has eliminated Canadian Studies program. Stephen Gill

suggests alternatives because this program of forty years that costs five million a year to Canadian

tax payers has not worked. DETAILS HERE



*July 19, 2012


Dr. Vijay Kumar Roy is inviting scholars to submit material for an anthology on Stephen Gill, tentatively titled Stephen Gill’s Vision of a New World.  Editor is looking for anything  worthwhile, including interviews, and critical papers on his works. Details HERE



*July 18, 2012

Inder Kala Sangit University (IKSU)   Establishes Centre For Stephen Gill Studies


*May 20, 2012

Stephen Gill honored with Empowered Peace Poet Award



* October 18, 2012

Sapna Parihar,  a scholar at IKS University in Chattisgarh, India, asks Dr. Stephen Gill some probing  questions in  this interview about Dr. Gill’s  beliefs and writings.  Dr. Stephen Gill  has  written extensively about peace in his poetry and prose.


--- I have not met many scholars of your stature who are honest like you, and  can speak from their hearts.  This interview is a valuable asset for us.  

Professor Dr. I. D. Tiwari

Head, Dept. English and Dean of Student

Welfare, IKS University, India.


like the interview.  You show me that man who loves God lives his life in love, faith, work, always watching over his principles that defend the everlasting values 

Prof. Dr. Olimlpia Jacob





*Stephen Gill’s 2013 Literary Tour to India is hectic and exciting