Selective writings on
the poetry of Stephen Gill

1-Patricia Prime, a prominent poet and perceptive critic from New Zealand, evaluates poems of social concerns in Shrine of Stephen Gill.

2-Rochelle L. Holt, Ph.D., a major poet from the United States, discusses Stephen Gill's Dove of Peace and Flowers of Thirst...

3-Dr. Syed M. Ahsen, a retired professor from University of South Dakota, and author of scholarly papers, finds the concept of evil in the poetry of Stephen Gill.

4-Dr. Frank Tierney, a poet, critic and retired professor, finds hierarchy of values in the poems of Tennyson and Stephen Gill...

5-Professor Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi interviews Stephen Gill to help researchers..

6-Professor Dr. R.K. Singh, a prominent poet and critic, and Mitali De Sarkar trace Stephen Gill's search for Elysium in his poetry